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Mt. Baldy Sunrise Hike

Hannah Fleming

We all have those moments in life when we are 100% content with what we are doing. Your mind isn’t wandering, wishing you were somewhere else, or doing something different with different people.  These are the moments we have to stop and pay attention to. 

At some point along the 4,000 ft. hike up to the summit of Mt. Baldy, with only the moon and our headlamps lighting the way, I had one of these moments. 

Dressed in running tights, base layers, an awesome Patagonia Nano-Puff, my Michigan State winter hat (still celebrating the B1G Championship Game win from the night before), and a head lamp to top it all off, we started our hike around 3:00 AM.  Stowed in our packs we had cameras (mine being a Cannon Rebel SL1) thicker gloves for the top, snacks (Clif Bars and dried fruit), and of course water (we each fill our CamelBak’s and carry another 1L water bottle). This hike is strenuous, and the path can get a little unclear at times, but I felt safe. I had done the hike twice before, and was with more experienced hikers.

Honestly, when I’m doing a hike for the first time all I can think about is getting to the top. I’m working on this. Yes, I wanted to make it to the top, I wanted to be able to relax and take in this AMAZING sunrise. But I wasn’t as anxious as usual to get there. This is important. During this hike I was genuinely enjoying the challenge, which made me realize how important being outside is to me.



The takeaway is simple: 

make time for whatever it is that you enjoy doing, challenges you, and helps you gain perspective AND GET OUTSIDE!

Paddles and Poles: Newport and Mt. Baldy

Hannah Fleming

Paddles and Poles.  Boards and Boots.  Ocean and Mountains.

SUPing in Newport.

SUPing in Newport.

California is a unique place to live, since I now live here! You can be in a completely different environment by driving an hour in any direction. This weekend we got the best of both worlds, a day spent at the ocean and a day spent hiking in the mountains. 

We kicked off the weekend with breakfast at Stuft Surfer in Newport, followed by renting Stand Up Paddleboards and playing in the waves for few hours. Not a bad Saturday.

Sunday we headed North to Mt. Baldy. The hike starts around 6,000 ft., increasing to 10,064 ft. over the course of 3.8 miles. This hike was not only my longest hike, reaching the highest elevation, but definitely the hardest. I'd like to say it was because Friday was leg day, but I know that would be a lie. Investing in a pair of trekking poles was a great decision.

Part of the hike up to the top of Mt. Baldy.

The descent across Devil's Backbone.

Typically the descent is six miles, the last three of which along a fire road. We chose to ride the ski lift down, cutting off around three miles.