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Hannah Fleming

When your Dad visits you in Southern California for the first time, all the way from Alaska, there is really only ONE place you need to go: the beach. So we did. Three times in one day.

After picking my Dad up from LAX, we headed South to Orange County where my brother lives to escape from the city a bit. My family has always been the type to go to little artsy towns, so I knew we had to go to Laguna Beach. After a long beach walk in Laguna, we ate lunch at one of our favorite spots in Newport BeachThe Stuft Surfer (where you are actually eating on the beach) and ended the night with one of the most memorable sunsets i've seen yet. 

We ended the weekend by going to Los Angeles County Museum of Arts or LACMA and had a good time checking out some of the exhibits. Since being in LA i've spent so much time exploring outdoors, and not as much time exploring the city. This needs to change. Comment any suggestions for places I should explore in the city!

**Editor's Note: We also went to In-N-Out. My Dad loved it. Vegan choice-fries.**