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Packing Afterthoughts


Packing Afterthoughts

Hannah Fleming

After returning from my amazing 33 day, 10 country European adventure many people have asked me if there was anything I brought that I didn't need, or items I wish I had. Thankfully, only a few items come to mind.

Things I wish I had brought:
1. A thicker jacket - it was much colder than we were expecting, I ended up wearing lots of layers.
2. My long rain coat- I was originally planning on bringing my long rain coat, but changed my mind last minute. Had I brought my longer coat I would've probably been okay with the colder temperatures.

Things I did not use:
1.  Black shorts
2. 3/4 sleeve black dress
3. Black flats
Had we been in warmer climates for more than a week, I probably would've used both my shorts and dress. I also only brought my flats in case I needed them for any of the churches we were going into, but didn't end up needing them.