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Travel Challenge

Hannah Fleming

Included states i've been to without my whole family: Alaska and Arizona

Included states i've been to without my whole family: Alaska and Arizona

I have a huge passion for traveling and adventure, but something I haven’t really mentioned is when I first got the travel bug!

Growing up my parents emphasized the importance of being “well-rounded”. This meant we were given real responsibilities from a young age to teach us the importance of hard work, and were then rewarded by going on awesome trips where we learned about our great country! We camped, skied, hiked, biked and explored cities all across the United States.

When I was in elementary school my Mom challenged us to travel to the 48 continental states by the time I graduated High School. 

The only caveats were:

1.     We had to actually DO something in each State (a layover in Minneapolis doesn’t count as going to Minnesota).

2.     We had to go together to reach her goal.

This may seem a bit daunting to many, and pretty pricey. However, equipped with a AAA membership (shoutout to Trip Tiks during pre-GPS era), a very organized planner (Mom) and three kids who didn’t mind spending hours in the car, it was an attainable goal! I graduated 7 states shy of reaching this goal, and since then have checked off a few more.  

Inspired by my friend Hannah, I thought I could bring a new series to my blog featuring some of my favorite places and spaces in various regions of the US.  I hope these upcoming features inspire you to get in your car and go explore!