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Hannah Fleming

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been in LA for almost 9 months! In those 9 months i've managed to hit a lot of the big tourist destinations in LA, make it to a national park, ski resorts, camp, and all sorts of other activities outside of the city. But, I still had never been downtown. While there isn't a huge draw to go downtown during the day, that i've heard of yet, I wanted to see what it was like. After all, I do live in the city!

After asking around, we decided to do a small self guided tour based off of a few suggestions starting at Pershing Square. 



From Pershing Square we walked to the Los Angeles Public Library, The Broad museum, past Walt Disney Concert Hall, Grand Park and ended up at Grand Central Market for lunch. 

For lunch at Grand Central Market we tried Madcapra Falafels, and they did not disappoint! 

The market was very crowded, and reminded me of something you often find in Europe. While we learned this is definitely more of a tourist stop, there were a ton of great restaurants, and I would definitely go back to try something else if I was downtown. 




I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of Downtown LA, but was surprised at how empty it felt for being such a large city. We also quickly realized why it would be the perfect place to film movies and TV shows, and came across a fake accident being filmed (unfortunately we missed the car being blown up!) 

All in all, we were very glad we took a few hours to walk around and see what there is to explore downtown. Along with The Broad, we added a few bars and restaurants to our list of places to go. If you have any suggestions of places and things to tryout in downtown LA please leave comments below!