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Dog days of summer.

Hannah Fleming

One of my favorite parts of any given day is going for a walk. 

Since graduating from college and going through the inevitable job search process, i've been spending a lot of time watching, and walking dogs. I realized the other day how this has been such a consistent part of my life, that I often overlook. 

Some of my earliest memories include going for family walks around the neighborhood and walking my dog around the "big block". As we grew up and our lives got busy these family walks happened less and less. At some point I started joining my mom and her friends on their daily 3-4 mile walks, and it became almost a treat if I could fit in a walk in my busy schedule. Even in college I preferred walking to class over riding my bike, thankfully I went to Michigan State where there are PLENTY of opportunities to get in long walks to class. 

We go on walks not really for the cardio benefits (although it is good for you, especially when keeping up with my mom's power walking), but as a way to relax and unwind. 

So next time you're feeling stressed, or just need a really nice way to end your day, try going for a walk.