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Boogie Boards and Busy Bodies

Hannah Fleming

Being a busy body gets way too bad of a rep. Constantly going from one thing to the next, cramming the most into each day. I understand how it can seem chaotic, but it's also incredibly rewarding. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than checking everything off of my to-do list. However, sometimes I have to tell myself it's okay to relax and watch TV for a night, but most of the time I like to be busy. 

With that, planning becomes even more important. It seems like there is a constant list of everything I WANT to do, friends to see, places to explore, hikes to go on, while making sure the things I NEED to get done make it onto the list too.

Going into the weekend there was a strong possibility I was going to try surfing, however that very quickly changed to boogie boards, and it was a blast! We also went hiking in Palos Verdes and were able to see Catalina Island from a different perspective. It's amazing how much i've been able to see in such a short time, just by making the most of every weekend.