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On-the-Go Snacks

Hannah Fleming

When you’re on-the-go and living a healthy active lifestyle, having go to favorite snacks are a must. Here are a few of mine that you can almost always find stashed in my purse, car or gym bag!

Some of my favorites!

Some of my favorites!

1.     Fresh and dried fruit: Fresh is always better the number one choice, and usually will be an apple, banana or dates. However, my go-to dried fruit is Trader Joe’s “Just Mango Slices”. I usually bring these on hikes as my own plant based “Jerky”.

2.     Bars: while I’m not proud of it, I don’t make NEARLY as many homemade granola bars as I used to and picking up some bars on-the-go is extremely convenient. 

a.     High Activity: Luna Bars, Lara Bars Clif Bars and Clif Builder Bars. These extra calories, Carbs and Protein are definitely needed.

b.      Low Activity: Lara Bars, Clif Kid’s Bar, Trader Joe’s Just Fruit bars, local natural bars. 

3.     Coconut Water: after a hike, or a long day of being in the sun, I look to Coconut Water (regular, not flavored), to re-hydrate!

4.     GORP : Good ol’ raisins and peanuts, AKA trail mix!

5.     Pretzels/Chex Mix:  definitely not the healthiest option, BUT sometimes after a long day of hiking (and sweating away all your salt) you want something crunchy and salty!


Comment below some of your favorites!