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Mt. Ogden - Snowbasin Resort - Huntsville, UT

Hannah Fleming

Looking down at Pineview Reservoir

Looking down at Pineview Reservoir

If Snowbasin is your local ski resort, or you’re an Ogden resident, chances are you can point out Mt. Ogden by the tall satellite towers atop the 9,572 ft. peak. As one of the tallest peaks in the Northern Wasatch, Mt. Ogden is a great day hike, providing beautiful views (when you’re not socked in with clouds), and a good amount of elevation gain!

**I hiked this in September after our first snowfall of the year. Typically it is clear and beautiful, and not covered in snow in September!**

Getting There

Mt. Ogden can be reached via trails from Ogden , or via Snowbasin. From Snowbasin you have two options:

  1. Hike up to the service road until you reach the trailhead 
  2. Bypass the service road hike and take Needles Gondola to the top. The Gondola is free for season pass holders or $14 for a day pass.

The Trail

(Hike up) At the top of Needles Gondola, make a left and start down the road in front of the Needles Lodge. Jump on the first trail you come across on the right. Follow the trail until you reach Needles Circque Trail to the Ridge. The trail quickly steepens at this point as you make your way back and forth up a series of switchbacks. You’ll drop down on the backside of the mountain, giving you views of Ogden and the Great Salt Lake. At this point you’ll also start to see trails coming up from Beus, Taylor, and Waterfall Canyons.

Halfway up the steep service road, make a right onto the trail

Halfway up the steep service road, make a right onto the trail


Follow the trail for another ¾ mile until you reach the steep service road. Head up the service road until you reach a small trail sign. Make a right, and hike the final portion of the trail to the helicopter landing pad at the top of Mt. Ogden!

(Hike Down) Instead of following the same trail down, we made a left onto the well defined service road, and dropped down in front of Becker Lift.This brought us across the front of the mountain, with beautiful views of the valley. After descending 1,000 from the summit of Mt. Ogden, you'll make your way under Needles Lodge, and head back up the mountain, ending the hike with a 500 ft climb back up to the lodge. Make sure to reward yourself with some hot tea and french fries inside the lodge before taking the Gondola (or hiking) back down!

Total Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,275 Ft.
Hike Time: 1:40 minutes



  • Go back on a clear and sunny day
  • Lots of layers - it's windy and cold along the ridge
  • Poles are not necessary, but helpful on the switchbacks