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Plant Based 7-Layer Dip!

Hannah Fleming

This Super Bowl Sunday I wanted to try a healthier version of a snack table classic that everyone would enjoy. The traditionally fat and cholesterol loaded dip becomes something you won't want to avoid with a few simple swap-outs. While all the ingredients could be created from scratch, I made this batch from pre-made items.

Layer 7: Trader Joe's Sweet Corn and Chile Tomato-Less Salsa

Layer 6: Chopped romaine

Layer 5: Heidi Ho's Delicious Plant Based Cheese: "Spicy!"

Layer 4: Chopped romaine

Layer 3: Trader Joe's Guacamole

Layer 2: Chopped romaine

Layer 1: Trader Joe's Traditional Style Fat-Free Refried Beans

As someone who loves to cook, but became self conscious about my pot-luck style contributions, this dip gave me a serious confidence boost! It was loved by all, and no one was missing the shredded cheese and sour cream! 

Finished within 10 minutes!

Finished within 10 minutes!