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Camp Meal 3: Oats and Coffee

Hannah Fleming

Quick and easy meals was the name of the game this weekend, and breakfast was no exception. When you want something warm on a cold morning, nothing is quicker and more satisfying than oatmeal and coffee!  

This was my first time trying Trader Joe's Pour Over Coffee Brewer, and it worked perfect for camping!

1. Boil 10-12 oz. of water using my awesome  Tea Kettle 
2. Followed directions on packet: initially filled to the "mild" line, but it ended up going down to the "strong" line.
3. Wait 8 minutes, pour, add your favorite creamer and enjoy!



1. Using either quick or rolled oats, boil water at a 1:2 oats:water ratio. 
2. Once water is boiling, add oats and stir periodically for 10 minutes or until oatmeal is fully cooked.
3. Don't forget your favorite fruit and cinnamon to add in  for a perfect breakfast! 

Camp Meal 2: Veggie Burrito Bowls

Hannah Fleming

Taking the time to cook a meal over the fire while camping is great, but sometimes it's nice to try some pre-packaged meals. When camping without access to a dump station, water, or any kind of washroom, pre-packaged is the way to go. 

For dinner we picked up the AlpineAire Foods Veggie Burrito Bowl and Mountain House Roasted Vegetable Blend from REI. The Veggie Burrito Bowl only contained rice, beans and corn, so the added vegetables was necessary. You could also easily add onto this meal with a bed of romaine, salsa, or tortilla chips!

All you need to cook this is: water, a heat source (single burner in our case) and a pot. After added the boiling water to each packet, stirring, and leaving for a few minutes, we had a satisfying meal that served three.

Camp Meal 1: LAZY Grilled Veggies

Hannah Fleming


Frozen mixed vegetables are a game changer when it comes to preparing dinner quick and easy, with the least amount of dirty dishes. Regardless of what type of camp gear you have, veggies are easy to make, provide nutrients needed to refuel your body, and can be used as either the main dish or a side. We had this plant based meal after black bean soup, and were completely satisfied!

- Frozen mixed vegetables (I used Asian Stir-Fry)
-Two cubed sweet potatoes
-Seasoning of choice

  1. Separately wrap cubed sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables in aluminum foil. Using a metal bowl covered with aluminum foil works as well. 
  2. Place sweet potatoes on rack over fire. If your fire doesn't have a rack, you can place them in the coals. 
  3. After 20 minutes add mixed vegetables to fire.
  4. If you have a burner: Remove sweet potatoes and vegetables from fire, add seasoning of choice, and finish sautéing on a skillet over the burner.
    If you do not have a burner: Remove sweet potatoes and vegetables from fire, add seasoning of choice, and return to fire until finished cooking.